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What are unicodes? Unicode is an universal encoding system which allows computers to constantly symbolize and manipulate text represented in nearly all of the world’s past and present writing systems.

Unicode comprises of over 100,000 characters, code charts for visual reference, an encoding methology including a set of standard encodings, a listing of character properties (for example, listings for upper and lower case), a set of reference data computing files, and other technical information comprising of character properties, rules for normalisation, decomposition, collation, rendering and the bidirectional display order. The bidirectional display order ensures both left-to-right scripts and right-to-left scripts (Hebrew, Arabic etc) text are correctly rendered.

unicode utf-8 unicode utf-8

UTF-8 (8-bit UCS/Unicode Transformation Format) is a variable-length character encoding for Unicode. Read more...

unicode symbols unicode symbols

Unicode symbols are drawn from existing character sets or ISO or other national and international standards. Read more...

unicode and HTML unicode and HTML

Unicode characters can be inserted into HTML by putting their hexadecimal representation between &#x and a semicolon. Read more...

unicode characters unicode characters

The ISO/IEC 10646 International Standard defines the Universal Character Set known as the UCS. Read more...

unicode code charts unicode code charts

To access our extensive list of code charts for a character or to use our custom search function click here for more information.

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